January 15, 2019

Winter projects are in full swing!  With fishing and boating season now upon us, we can expect glorious weather to boot.  There is not a better time of the year to spend on the dock fishing, crabbing, entertaining, or just a quiet moment away from it all in the marsh, with the redfish and dolphins.


Development in our city is at an all time high, both in the commercial and residential sectors.  Now is a perfect time to finish up the much needed upkeep on your dock before summer arrives. Be sure that the marine contracting company that you choose can provide you with references and is properly licensed and insured. Working over the water entails holding a special workers compensation policy that many residential contractors do not possess. DHEC requires that job over $5,000.00, beyond the critical line, be preformed by a licensed marine contractor. We have seen many instances where a wall has failed, or pilings were not driven properly.  Don't let this happen with your project. By doing your homework to choose the most qualified and experienced marine contractor, you can save a potential problem in the future.


Call us today at 843-557-1595, for any improvements that you would like to do, we are here for you!  Be sure to get out on the water and enjoy the beauty that our city has to offer.